The Project

In 2020 I created my e1universe token and now I want to sell it to finance my project. A physical, real, fully legal pharmacy. I built a page on Patreon where I update the status of my project. Do you want to contribute?

I created 10 000 000 E1U tokens based on Ethereum the contract is at this address: “The contract

I’m looking for an exchange to sell and trade them like any other token.

Every update on the project is here on Patreon at this address: Enea’s Pharmacy.

This is my first post:

Hello everyone, my name is Enea and I want to buy a license to open a pharmacy in Italy. A physical store that also gives the possibility to open a legal site for the sale of online drugs in Italy. Up to here you will wonder where the news lies. In Italy there are a limited and limited number of pharmacies that have been open for centuries and new pharmacies can only be opened if the population in that particular area increases. The openings of new pharmacies are therefore very rare. An entrepreneur only has the option of buying it from someone who already has it. Big groups like Wallgreens Boots and McKesson are starting to buy a lot of pharmacies. Or win it in a public competition. The point is this: in October 2023 I participated in the competition with an excellent result. The final results will be out in June 2024 so I will be able to open a pharmacy without paying for a license. But I need the money to open. I need the money to get a place, pay the rent, furnishings and the first goods to sell. I calculated that I can start with 100 thousand euros. That I do not have. I have been working as a pharmacist for 10 years at 1600 euros a month, I have a mortgage on my house, I have a son. I need your help to get started. Since the results come out I will only have 6 months to open my pharmacy, if I don’t open it it will go to the one after me in the ranking. like to: start with my first pharmacy, I have 10 years of experience and in addition to the physical store I would like to make a large online store. I have all the legal requirements to do it but I don’t have the money to start the business. Banks in my case offer no possibilities. So I decided to set up this page to ask for help and collect this amount. Once collected, the amount will not be touched until the green light for opening is given. Invest in me please, it’s been my dream since I graduated. Let me know your terms and ideas. Investing in health right now in my opinion is the best. Write for more details and to know how a pharmacy works in Italy I will give you all the info. Thanks for reading.

Dr. Enea

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